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List of Synonyms – Smart Words – Quiz Test

1. Many villagers are forced to abandon their house and lands to the enemy. Syn- Leave

2.The students will have to abide by the rules of the institute. Syn – to follow, to comply with

3. I abhor the way she talks and behaves with others. Syn-hate, detest, loathe

4.The Government is planning to abolish the tax this year. Syn- finish, end

5.The manager has been absconding with some important document of the company for one year. Syn-

6- To Maintain good health, you must abstain form smoking and alcohol. Syn – to refrain from

7.The Clothes she wears make her look absurd. Syn- ridiculous

8.He received wide accolades from people from all walks of life. Syn – praise

9.I think he could not accomplish much as we had expected.- Syn – achieve

10. He seems to have accumlated a lot of wealth by investing his money very wisely. Syn – amass

11.You should not make an accusation against others until you have some proof. Syn – allegation

12. Soon, you will become accustomed to the culture of this country. Syn- conversant, familiar

13. First of all, you must acquaint yourself with the pattern of the exam. Syn – be familiar with

14. The court has acquitted him of the murder. Syn-exonerate

15. Most of the children have become addicted to computer games. Syn- inured

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